Contract filling in glass bottles

Be it juices, fruit nectars, drinks, smoothies or baby food in jars - we are a capable partner in the filling of private label products and as such take a flexible approach to individual wishes and brand-specific requirements.

  • Glass jars 80 ml - 250 ml with twist-off lids
  • Glass bottles 125 ml - 250 ml with twist-off tops and paper label or sleeve for bar use
  • Glass bottles 500 ml - 1 l with twist-off tops

By using selected raw materials made in-house, we guarantee the highest quality standards as well as seamless traceability of all products.

Furthermore, our internal research and development laboratory enables us to manufacture customer-specific products and articles.

Glass bottles

80 ml - 250 ml twist-off
125 ml – 250 ml twist-off
500 ml - 1 l twist-off

Our new filling lines for pouches...

In keeping with current demands, TrentoFrutta has installed two new filling lines that enable the flexible filling of fruit products into practical stand-up pouches. The Cheer packs and Doy packs are available in various sizes from 70 ml to 500 ml.

Stand-up pouches (Cheer packs, Doy packs)

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